New Category Greek Mythological Creatures

Posted on February 17, 2013

If your a fan of Greek Mythology, then you’ll be glad to know we have just updated the site with a new primary category, Greek Mythological Creatures!

With our new category we’re bringing the mythology of ancient Greece directly to you, this time around we’re focusing on one of the most interesting aspects the amazing beasts and the heros that had to face them in battle. Not only are the mythical beasts of ancient Greece some of the most interesting ever imagined, they are also some of the most diverse. From the might Minotaur who was forced to live in secret under command from King Minos, to the Hydra that guarded the path to the underworld.

We’ve added some great images to the site, from public domain images of the ancient Greek beasts to original commisioned images like the one we had created for the mighty Minotaur which you can view here.

To take a look at all of the creatures you can view the main Greek Mythological Creatures page right here.

2013 is also going to be an exciting year for Legends and Chronicles, soon we will be adding more of the fascinating ancient warriors to the site, and also branching out into more legends and fascinating topic from the ancient world.

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