New Ancient Warrior Classes

Posted on March 14, 2013

We have just added four new ancient warrior classes to Legends and Chronicles, with 2013 already proving to be a great year for the site.

The fearsome ancient warriors of history are some of our favourite topics here at Legends and Chronicles and the newest articles we have added are some of our best. From the deadly Hawaiian warriors, the fearsome Persian warriors, the varied and unique Japanese warriors, to the last but definately not least, the mighty Greek warriors.

You can read about all the new classes right here in our Ancient Warrior section, and if you havent already, don’t forget to check out the still new Greek Mythological Creature section here too.

As we mentioned 2013 is proving to be a busy year for the site, and we hope to have more great articles coming soon, including more Ancient Weapons, and some completely new categories which we’re soon to unveil.

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