Big Cats

The big cats are some of the most majestic creatures that have ever graced the earth. They continually amaze and cause adoration in most people that have seen them. Used as icons worldwide the big cats from the genus Panthera family are often seen on flags, icons, posters, in adverts, in movies and generally everywhere you will find humans.

Having been around since olden times, the big cats are survivors of the earth, they live in a variety of environments around the world from caves and jungles to the deserts of Africa.

There are four genus Panthera cats, from the largest the Tiger, the Lion, the Leopard and finally the Jaguar. The Tiger and Lion are by far the two biggest of the Panthera family and share similar body mass, while the Leopard and the Jaguar are smaller but are both similar in size. All these amazing cats share one common trait the ability to roar which is the preserve of the true big cat family.


Leopard Big Cats

The Leopard, one of the smartest big cats and part of the Genus Panthera family under Panthera Pardus, the Leopard is a solitary but fearsome animal. Read more about the Leopards >>


Lion Big Cats

The majestic Lion is one of the big cats, part of the Genus Panthera family, the Panthera Leo is one of the most distinctive with its mighty mane. Read more about the Lions >>


Tiger Big Cats

The biggest of all the Genus Panthera, the Panthera Tigris or the Tiger is a mighty big cat marked with a distinctive striped fur pattern and a growl to scare all but the brave. Read more about the Tigers >>

It’s hard not to be amazed by the majestic nature of the big cats, descendants from prehistoric times, the big cats have survived the test of time. From the mighty Lion to the stealthy Jaguar, the big cats have the ability to catch the gaze of anyone that looks their way. Natural hunting machines, the big cats still have to be feared and respected as the dangerous killers they can be.

The lifespan of the big cats varies wildly, of course the life they live can often lead to early deaths, but it has been known for big cats in captivity to reach over 30 years. In the wild the average estimated age of a big cat is reported to be around half that, somewhere around the 15 year mark. This could be due to the rigorous nature of the wild, but in comparison to many animals of similar size the big cat has a similar lifespan.