The Tiger Big Cat

The Tiger is the largest of the big cats in the genus panthera family which also consists of the Leopard, the Lion and the Puma. Its official name is Panthera Tigris. The Tiger is recognizable from the stripes on its fur which are a mix of colours from white to oranges to darks. The tigers fur markings also serve a survival purpose, where it acts as camouflage to help the tiger avoid predators and to remain largely unseen when hunting. The stripes on Tigers are completely unique and are the equivalent of human fingerprints, in that no two sets of stripes are the same. It’s not just the fur of a tiger which is striped; it’s actually the skin too, which is quite a common thing in some animals. The Tiger as mentioned before is the largest in the Panthera family and by the same token is generally the heaviest

The Locality and Environment of the Tiger

In recent times the Tiger has been isolated to various areas and is most commonly found from east India moving to west China. They previously populated a far wider range than they currently do, which would have spread from Asia to Indonesia.

The Tiger Big Cat

The Tiger Big Cat

As far as the kind of environments they live in, Tigers are highly adaptable and can survive in extremes of temperature and foliage variations, from grasslands to swamplands and from tundra to snow

Tiger Subspecies and Skills

The Tiger have a variety of subspecies that all vary in their individual ways, but share common traits that define them as Tigers. There are thought to be only nine current subspecies, with six still remaining and three now extinct, the most commonly known would probably be the Bengal tiger which is found in places from India to Nepal. The Bengal tiger is very large and comes only second in average weight to the slightly larger Siberian Tiger.

Tigers can run up to 30 – 40 mph and are very strong and powerful, even allowing them to make large jumps similar to those you would expect of domestics cats, just another reason for the tiger to be both feared and revered.

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