Ancient Weapons

The ancient weapons are the tools of a war-torn world, where civilisations staged battles and fights, for power, prestige and survival. Sometimes the will wins the war, sometimes it's the skill of the fighters involved, perhaps the numbers, or maybe, just maybe it's the weapons.

The weapons differ from civilisation to civilisation, but the goal remains the same. Suitable weapons to do a suitable job, whether the goal was to attack from distance or up close in a melee situation. Each weapon from each civilisation had its own unique characteristics and traits, from the materials used, the construction of the weapons, to the manufacturing processed used.

Learn more about the ancient weapons used by some of the great races and civilisation of history, from the might Spartan warriors and the the weapons they carried to battle, to the ancient Aztec warriors and the unique weapons they used in war to wreak havoc on their enemies.

Aztec Weapons

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The Aztec warriors had a weapon range that was unique and dangerous, from their main melee weapon the Macuahuiti to their long range Atlatl and Tlacochtli. Read more about the Aztec Weapons >>

Egyptian Weapons

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The Egyptian warriors had a stable of weapons they would use to go to war, from spears and throw sticks, to the Knopesh and the battle-axe. Read more about the Egyptian Weapons >>

Ninja Weapons

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The stealthy Ninja had a weapon arsenal to suit every situation, with skill the Ninja could wield, the Ninajto, the Katana and Shuriken with equal deftness. Read more about the Ninja Weapons >>

Spartan Weapons

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The mighty Spartans wielded their weapons with absolute confident, whether it was their Xiphos, the Dory or the Apsis, the Spartans knew exactly how to use their weapons. Read more about the Spartan Weapons >>

The Ancient Weapons of History

The ancient weapons of history had many uses, styles and interpretations. From simple clubs, blades used for knives and swords, to more complex and intricate weapons like catapults and siege weaponry, the ancient weapons could be as basic or advanced as the need or technology at the time dictated.

Types of Weapons

Weapons in most cases can be simply broken down in a few basic categories, and in ancient warfare, the weapon would likely be classed in two or three categories. For a weapon to be successful it had to work well in the situation it was designed for, and typically for the ancient warriors who wielded the weapons, they would be involved in long range combat, medium range or close quarter melee battles.

Long Range Weapons

On the battlefield, the ability to keep your enemy at bay using long range weapons could be a huge battle advantage. Many ancient civilisations armies employed long range weapons to weaken the enemy before moving in closer.

The ancient Egyptian army used the bow and arrow and their finely tuned slings to pelt their foes from afar. If the Spartans spotted their foes at distance, they would employ their javelins to pierce and disrupt their enemies formations, before closing the distance to finish the fight.

The purpose of a long range attack would be two-fold, firstly to cause casualties and damage to the enemy, but a long range attack would also disrupt and unsettle the enemy, and in battle having a distressed and fragmented enemy was a huge advantage.

Medium Range Weaponry

Before coming into direct content with the enemy, the ancient warriors of the great historical civilisations would often employ weaponry to keep distance from their foe. The theory behind medium range combat and weaponry was to keep your opponent out of reach, while still being able to strike, damage and attack them.

While the variety of medium range fighting weapons isn’t as varied as the long or close quarter weaponry, there was still a diverse mix of choice when it came to arming your warriors.

The Spartan warriors would employ their Dory and Apsis to attack from nine feet away, while defending attacks from the enemy with their legendary shield. The Mongol warriors were masters of the bow and arrow, and on horseback the Mongol could cut down foes, in medium range with ease.

Close Quarter Melee Weapons

When the time came in battle to fight up close, the close quarter weapons would be drawn. When fighting in close you want a weapon that is easy to wield, causes fatal damage and would stand up to the rigours of a melee battle.

The variety of close quarter melee weapons is probably the greatest of all. Each civilisation had its own personal weapons of choice, whether they were to maim, kill or strike fear into the hearts of the opponents.

The legendary Spartan warriors would use their Xiphos swords to slice the enemy down in a melee situation, while protecting themselves with their Apsis shields. The Ninja warriors while never looking to get into a close quarter battle would employ their Tanto blades to slice their opponent allowing them to make a successful escape.