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Discover the legendary warriors of history, with our ancient warrior articles, how they lived and how they fought. Or learn about the ancient weapons they used to go into battle, to attack their foes and defend their civilisations. Legends and Chronicles also have many other articles on topics like the big cats, the majestic Genus Panthera who have the unique ability to roar, and much more.

We love our ancient history and legendary topics, and we want to make it easy for you to learn everything you need to know about the ancient warriors and the weapons they used, and many other topics as well. Just choose the topic you want to learn more about and let Legends and Chronicles inform you.

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors

Ancient warriors have fought through history, for their country, their civilisation and their pride. The most brave warriors that existed, the ancient warriors use their wits, battle skills and weapons to defeat their opponents.  Spread out across the globe, the ancient warrior existed in every civilisation, like the Aztec warriors, the Spartan warriors and the honourable Samurai warriors. Read more about the Ancient Warriors >>

Ancient Weapons

Ancient Weapons

The ancient weapons were the tools of the warriors throughout history.  A battle could be won on the strength of the warriors, the size of the armies, or the effectiveness of the weapons.  A good weapon would allow an ancient warrior to have the edge over his foe, whether it was the Spartans and their Xiphos, slicing their enemies, or the Aztec warriors and their Macuahuiti. Read more about the Ancient Weapons >>

Big Cats

Big Cats Lions Tigers and Leopards

The amazing big cats have been around for years, surviving everything nature has thrown at them.  The Lion, the Tiger, the Leopard and the Jaguar are joined by their natural ability to roar.  Hunting machines the big cats have strength, speed and agility and are considered some of the deadliest predators of the wild. Read more about the Big Cats >>

Mythological Greek Creatures

Mythological Greek Creatures

The might mythological creatures of the Greek civilisation are legendary. Fearsome, dangerous and highly powerful, the mythical Greek creatures would reign down terror on many a town village and poor soul. Of course every beast requires a hero and creatures like the Minotaur and the Hydra would force that exact situation. Read more about the Mythological Greek Creatures >>

Giant Reptiles

Giant Reptiles

The giant reptiles are some of the most dangerous and fearsome predators living on the earth. We have information on the biggest, the baddest and the most deadly giant reptiles walking the planet earth. Read more about the Giant Reptiles >>

Ancient Artifacts

Ancient Artifacts

The ancient artifacts from history have a strange mystery and power, their unique qualities, their often undetermined origins and their authenticity have long intrigued us. Read more about the Ancient Artifacts >>

Ancient Civilizations

ancient civilizations

The ancient civilizations of history are diverse and full of mystique and intrigue, from the mighty military focused states like ancient Sparta and Rome, to the more unruly Vikings and Germanic tribes. Of course lets not forget the ancient Persians and the tribe focused Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Read more about the Ancient Civilizations >>

Bringing Ancient History to Modern Times

Legends and Chronicles is here to provide unique content on interesting historical and mythical topics from around the world. We specialise in providing great information and resources, with original content and bespoke illustrations to make learning about the ancient warriors, ancient weapons and much more a great experience.

The Ancient Warriors of History

From the time man walked the planet, there have always been ancient warriors. Battles need to be fought and won, and the ancient warriors were the go-to guys. From the might Spartan warriors to the skilled and dangerous Mongol, the ancient warriors are skilled, tough and masters of their chosen weapons.

We have articles covering some of the most revered and specialised ancient warriors from history. From the mysterious and deadly Aztec warriors, to the battle hungry Celtic warriors. If there is a category of ancient warriors you would like to see on Legends and Chronicles that we don’t have, let us know and we will look to add them to the site.

The Ancient Weapons of the Battlefield

Wars in ancient times were fought on the battlefield, and the weapons would help decide the outcome. Ancient warriors would treasure their weapons, they were the tools to get a job done, and each civilisation had their own unique set.

Our ancient weapon articles cover some of the most interesting weapon sets from the ancient civilisations. From the Egyptian army to the weapons of the elusive and secretive Ninja warriors, who had a tool to fit every single situation.

The Big Cats

The big cats are the only cats with the ability to roar, it marks them out as something unique. The Genus Panthera exist in four varieties, and at Legends and Chronicles we talk about all four. Learn more about the Lion, the Tiger, The Leopard and the Jaguar.

Mythological Greek Creatures

The ancient Mythological Greek creatures are the stuff of legends, mighty and fearsome beasts that would reign terror and fear down on anyone that stood in their way. From the mighty Greek Minotaur who would reside in his labyrinth waiting for sacrifices, to the Lernaean Hydra that guarded the entrance to the underworld. Don’t forget the alluring Sirens that would tempt sailors off course to their death, and the Chimera that could breathe fire from its mouth, Greek Mythology has provided us with some of the richest creatures ever known.

The Giant Reptiles

Giant reptiles are the beasts that used to be kings in prehistoric times, and many of them still walk the earth today ruling their respective habitats. The biggest and baddest giant reptiles that currently exist, and the giants that also lived in the past are documented here, leaving no giant reptile out. We are solving once and for all which are the biggest giant reptiles, and which are truly worthy of the title.

From the mighty giant anaconda and the reticulated python, to the apex predator Komodo dragon and the huge monitor lizard family. From the Sarchocuchus, Supercroc to the Megalania, we have all the largest giant reptiles, covered in detail from their diet and habitats to the way they devoured and hunted their prey.