Ancient Artifacts

The world is full of ancient artifacts, some from unknown origins and some with a steeped history. Whether these artifacts come from ancient Europe, Asia, or are of undetermined origin we plan to cover them.

Unique ancient artifacts are objects, pieces of art, or even larger scale items or structures. These artifacts can capture the imagination of the viewer, give insight into the lives of ancient civilisations or provide us with clues about ourselves. Here at Legends and Chronicles we will detail the most interesting of all the ancient artifacts of the world, from ancient sculptures, tools, and utensils to larger scale artifacts and artifacts with mysterious origins.

Our fascination with objects that pose a question has long existed, and the ancient artifacts of the world that contain a riddle or make us question how, why or who often invoke the imagination of us all. This is really where our love of ancient artifacts of the world comes from. We have plenty of information on some of the popular, bizarre and little known artifacts from the four corners of the world right here for you to learn about.

The Bronze Gears of Peru

Bronze Gears of Peru Thumbnail

The Bronze Gears of Peru are a true ancient artifact, offering a potential glimpse in an ancient Peruvian civilisation. Read more about the The Bronze Gears of Peru >>

The Ica Stones

The Ica Stones Thumbnail

The Ica Stones have long caused discussion and controversy with their depiction of prehistoric man and ancient continents. Read more about the The Ica Stones >>

The Iron Man Pillar

The Iron Man Pillar Thumbnail

The Iron Man Pillar of Kottenforts in Cologne is a true out of place ancient artifact, and a one of its kind pillar in Europe. Read more about the The Iron Man Pillar >>

The Roman Dodecahedrons

Roman Dodecahedrons Thumbnail

The Roman Dodecahedrons are well known for their unique visual quality, their craftsmanship and of course the fact that no one has yet discovered their true use. Read more about the The Roman Dodecahedrons >>

The Salzburg Cube

The Salzburg Cube Thumbnail

The Salzburg Cube, also known as the Wolfsegg Iron is a unique piece of iron found in Austria in the 19th Century and has caused intrigue ever since. Read more about the The Salzburg Cube >>

The Waffle Rock

The Waffle Rock Thumbnail

The mysterious waffle rock of West Virginia is a lattice formed piece of ancient rock, that might be more than it appears. Read more about the The Waffle Rock >>

The history of ancient artifacts

The ancient artifacts are all around us, current inventions and items may in the future become ancient artifacts themselves. For now, we have to satisfy ourselves with the artifacts from times past, like the ancient Iron Man of Kotternfost and the intriguing Roman dodecahedrons. All these artifacts survived history, to live in the present with us now and all of them give us a glimpse into the past and how life may have been lived.

The diversity of the artifacts

The ancient artifacts of history is really one of our favourite categories here at Legends and Chronicles. The diversity of the artifacts themselves make the stories really intriguing. Some of the most interesting examples are the giant Waffle Rock boulder in West Virginia, which entices visitors year round with its amazing rock work lattice. The Roman Dodecahedrons are another unique artifact showing the diversity they offer. These small mostly bronze artifacts are one of the most puzzling items listed here, as no one really knows their true purpose.

Out of place artifacts

Out of place artifacts or OOParts are artifacts that are found in what is considered to be an improbably, impossible or just hugely unlikely context. For example, The Iron Man of Kottenforst is considered by some by some to be an out of place artifact, because it’s the only example of an iron marker in all of Europe.

The term OOParts itself was coined by naturalist and cryptozoologist named Ivan Sanderson.

The authenticity of the ancient artifacts

Many of the artifacts we cover here like the Ica Stones and the Salzburg Iron have not only caused intrigue but have also controversy. Historians and scientists alike have mulled over the facts and theories of their existence, considered whether theses artifacts are real or in fact frauds.

Of course with many of these ancient artifacts it’s almost impossible to prove either way, certain dating methods are not always possible on non organic objects, which leaves the market open for potential theories to grow.

With many of the artifacts like the Ica Stones and the Salzburg Iron there is a good chance we will never know whether these items are indeed authentic until superior dating methods appear, until then it’s up to you to make your own decision on them.