Viking Warriors

The Vikings

Viking warrior were highly feared across Europe for their brutal attacks and unorthodox for the time weapon of choice, the battle axe. Well know for their close quarter fighting style and berserker’s. Most Vikings warriors were modestly armoured with only the king’s guard usually having chain mail.

The victims of the Vikings would see Dragon headed ships coming to shore, blood red sails and Snarling Grinding Viking warriors wielding heavy battle axes. This all added up to make it easy to see why the Vikings had a fearsome reputation within Europe. The Viking fighting style was based on rapid attacks, go in and attack, get the goods, and then get out before any more backup could arrive. With their home made clothing and weapons they would rely on their quick and ferocious attack style to ensure success.

“The victims of the Vikings would see Dragon headed ships coming to shore, blood red sails and Snarling Grinding Viking warriors wielding heavy battle axes”

Viking Warriors in Battle

Viking Warriors in Battle

Viking Warrior Armour

The Viking warriors were most likely a mismatched looking bunch with varying degrees of armour that would cover mostly the head and the chest area. Helmets were often made from leather, metal or a combination of both, tight fitting to be suitable for use in battle. The often seen Viking horns were more fiction than fact, and would have made the helmets unwieldy to wear and rather impractical. If the metal used for the helmet was limited it would be placed in strategic positions like the bridge of the nose and above or around the eyes. The clothing worn by the Vikings would usually be a tunic covered by some leather outer coat or jacket; this would keep them warm but allow them flexibility in battle.

Viking Warriors and their Weapons and Arms

The battleaxe was the most well known Viking warrior weapon, with some believing they favoured the rather easier to wield sword for most of their combat. The sword would be a top quality item well made and crafted in a two tone style metal. The axe was sometimes also carried in a smaller form used for throwing, most Vikings would probably also own a spear and a knife to round off their armoury of weapons.

Viking Warrior Ship Riding the Storm

Viking Warrior Ship Riding the Storm

For defence the Viking warriors relied on shields and this was a big part of their attack and defence strategy. shields were thought to be round, but triangular shields have been found as well. For defence against arrows a Viking would need his shield and in the throes of battle, it would be used to deflect melee blows and strikes from the enemies close combat weapons.

The Viking Berserker’s

The well known Viking berserker warriors were the most feared off all, believed to used herbal type drugs such as anmirifta to enhance their mood for battle, the eager berserker warriors are believed to have stood here biting their shields and swords in anticipation of the forthcoming battle and violence.